Tips and Tricks for Xbox 360

Tips and Tricks for Xbox 360

You are most probably excited after buying your new Xbox 360 system may be for the first time, but you still have a lot to learn so as to have fun with it. These tips and tricks for Xbox 360 will help you to get started and ensure you have an enjoyable time with it without having to struggle.

Choose your Xbox Live Gamertag carefully

The Xbox 360 requires you to go through a setup process that includes naming your profile when you first turn it on. Selecting a profile that is straightforward and easy to read is vital because this is how the entire world will know you by and get to communicate with you. If you choose funny abbreviations and think it will be free to change them later on, you are wrong. Changing your Gamertag, later on, will cost you $10, and so it is better you choose carefully in the first place.

Set up the correct system location

Setting up a proper location for your system might help as it will have an extended life. Put the system in a position where it can get airflow all around it and ensure it does not get dirty. Just keep it clean and ventilated and you will see it last longer.
Play your music in original Xbox games

Xbox 360 enables you to fire up your MP3s during a 360 game but here is another way to enjoy it, play your playlist before you load the game and it will continue to play once you fire up the title, but the game’s music is not muted.

Do not put your credit card information on the system

You might be tempted to put your credit card on your account so that you can easily Xbox live subscriptions or Microsoft points. If you use a credit card linked to your profile on your system to buy Xbox Live Gold, the system will automatically set you up for auto renewal something that is a hard turn off and very hard to remove your credit card information from the account after you put it there. For you to remove your credit card information from the system, you will have to put another payment option in its place through

Use Xbox Life free

If you don’t want to play online with other people from the rest of the world, or don’t want to pay for Xbox Gold Live, hook up your Xbox 360 to your network so as you can use Xbox Live free. The only difference here is that your access to certain features is limited.

Reset your Xbox 360 video settings

It can be done easily by removing any discs from the tray, turning it off and then turning it on using a gamepad. While it is booting be sure to hold down the Y button, then hitting and holding the right trigger. The video settings are then reset to default, and your problem is solved.

Well, if you have been having problems using your Xbox 360, now you have the tips and tricks that will help you enjoy using it.

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